Package Options

Hourly Rate:  $200.00

  • Balanced College Planning is available to help students at any point in their academic and college planning journey. Our hourly rate is ideal for applicants who only need help on specific parts of their application or college list.


Eighth Grade:  $300.00

  • In preparation for high school, we will cover important topics that maximize a solid foundation in high school. Two one-hour sessions included in this package.


Freshman & Sophomore Year: $900.00

  • The early years of high school are an important time to focus on 4-Year Course Planning, Goal Setting, Summer and Extra-curricular exploration to start building a strong resume. Beginning in 10th grade, we will engage in Career and College Major Exploration. Package includes three one-hour sessions per school year.


Essay Only:  $900.00

  • Typically booked the summer before 12th grade, this package includes a discussion of what colleges look for in essays, followed by essay topic development, writing and review. Students will complete two essays over the course of six one-hour sessions, with some work to be done independently.
  • The Supplements Package is for students who have already completed their main essays/personal statements and are working on the supplemental essays required by many private colleges and universities.


The cost of any package above can be put toward the cost of the Comprehensive package listed below.


Comprehensive package: $4,800.00

  • Recommended for 11th grade, through senior year, but available as early as 9th grade - Unlimited contacts via email, phone, or Zoom
  • In person meetings are available within Santa Barbara County
  • Analysis of educational records, testing results and personal interests
  • Personalized advising in accordance with student’s interests, strengths, skills and goals
  • Family meeting to discuss college and career preferences
  • Creation of balanced college list in collaboration with family, based on extensive research of schools and programs
  • Financial Aid training and analysis of Financial Aid Awards
  • Analysis of NCAA eligibility
  • Advice on marketing strategies for athletic recruiting
  • Advising in preparation for Letters of recommendation
  • Creation and monitoring of timeline and to do list for testing, college visits, college interviews, application completion and submission
  • College visit advising
  • College essay brainstorming and editing
  • Critique of completed applications (up to 12 schools)
  • Support with final enrollment decision